Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jackets, Vests, Hats, Undies?...

  Yep, there have been MANY requests to represent our great running community with NEW as well as UNIQUE gear emblazened with the Barrie RoadRunners insignia...

  SOME of these items are currently being considered. Know that a popular  demand for a jacket or vest must be very evident before we work toward putting in an order. Artist time is costly and a proof (draft that eventually becomes the garment's 'blue print') must be initiated, revised and eventually approved before we can proceed. And more than one revision will cost you more too!
  That said, we may be able to sort out some solid design details and include these new items in the current shirt order. However, once we hit a suitable volume of shirts and singlets requested, it will be full steam ahead, with or without jackets/vest/etc. Do not hesitate to request your shirt/singlet by email to as I hope nobody will be so unfortunate as to be left at the station!

Sorry, it's in the works but please don't hold your breath, I hate to see folks pass out BEFORE a run!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NOW Taking Orders for Barrie RoadRunner Apparel...

   There has certainly been lots of interest in Barrie RoadRunner shirts since we did our last order (Fall 2009, I can't believe it was so long ago!). I admit I have yet to confirm that the sizing and prices from our last order are still completely accurate
   I am very excited to say we are building our next order for short and long sleeve unisex tech tees as well as men's and women's singlets! :-)
Once we reach a suitable number to book production time we will set a deadline for orders and a timeline for payment and best of all... receipt! After all, it's Summer and after that Fall races are coming. Hmmm, maybe that was not a pleasant thing to say... But hey, we want you to be able to represent when those Fall races arrive!
   The following are some details on Pricing, Sizing, How to order;

   Previously this was the pricing. Again, I am working to confirm this;

  • Singlets = $35.50  or more ordered = $30
  • Short Sleeves = $40.50  or more = $29
  • Long Sleeves = $42.50 50  or more = $31.50
Prices are approximate as a shipping fee and GST will be applied (less than $5 is expected).
   Last Fall we were challenged to raise a minimum of 24 orders per style to make an order, and the more we ordered the more we saved for each style. That said, an exceptional order quantity of one style can easily persuade the supplier to provide a price-break across the board, for all styles, so order what you like!

As the chart says...
  • Tech tees (short and long sleeve) are unisex so go with whatever size you request on your race registrations.
  • Singlets are gender specific in fit, hence the second chart for the ladies. Men use same size chart for singlets as they do for tech tee (short/long sleeve).

How to order:
   When you are ready to order please provide the following;
  • name, (took a bit to figure out who really was)
  • size, (XS through to XL)
  • style, (short sleeve tee, long sleeve tee, men's singlet, women's singlet)
  • gender (singlets only)
  • quantity you wish to order (per style and size, yes saying this may save me an email or two :)
   This can be sent by email to . Once our current unit cost is confirmed you will receive a confirmation with further details on payment, timing, receipt of your order, etc.

   Don't hesitate to email  if you have ANY questions relating to your shirts/singlets. I'll do my best to answer you promptly. You can also review older posts, below.

   Be sure to subscribe to the RoadRunners blog or check it out from time to time for updates. While an order is in the works, that is where I will post alerts to visit the apparel blog . My primary method of communication on general details will be the apparel blog and then personal email for finer details and confirmations.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Order for Shirts and...

With November quickly fading away, delivery of a new garment order will be into January/February. This ultimately depends on the current production level and ship schedule at the supplier.

Be aware that we may not hit the numbers we need for price-breaks on the shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve, singlet). This is simply because the 70 items just recently distributed have eased initial demand. Here's the cost scenario:
Singlets = $35.50 or more ordered = $30
Short Sleeves = $40.50 or more = $29
Long Sleeves = $42.50 50 or more = $31.50
PLUS portion of shipping fees, GST and potential artist time for new styles or items.

Many of you have taken a greater interest in getting new gear such as jackets & vests. In upcoming posts you will see designs, prices and sizing for these new items and then we'll start taking requests for the next order (along with shirts).

Be sure to subscribe to the RoadRunners blog or check it out from time to time for updates. When an order is in the works, that is where I will post alerts to visit this apparel blog . My primary method of communication on general details will be the apparel blog and then personal email for finer details and confirmations.

Of course you can always inquire in person, just assume I have the memory of a gnat and be sure to use written communication to help with the upkeep of order details, inquiries, and so forth :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Recently asked question:
I like the Barrie RoadRunners shirts! Do you have anymore?
Unfortunately we order what you pay for. There is NO INVENTORY and NO PROFIT involved in the Barrie RoadRunners apparel orders or group activities.
Lots of folks have recently taken a greater interest or said they wished they got a tee AND long sleeve etc... Please continue to share this! With your feedback, effective decisions can be made on where we go next with future orders.

Be sure to check the Barrie RoadRunners blog and the Barrie RoadRunners team apparel blog frequently or subscribe for future updates. Here, we will try to keep all informed of what's happening.
:D Thanks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you ordered apparel (Aug-Sept 09) and have not received it yet...

This is a generic message to all of those who have yet to receive his/her Barrie RoadRunner apparel.

I left your shirt order at the RR store for you to pick up.

I originally did not wish to do so , but... Since we are now down to the last 28% of the orders I was convinced that this routine, similar to how race-kits have often been distributed, would be the most economic solution for all of us.

I hope this does not cause the RR staff any grief. Please pick yours up promptly and be sure to thank them for us!



Sweet, posting from my cell :P

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update: Barrie RoadRunner Shirts

With the early arrival of our new shipment of tees and singlets we have already managed to distribute 64% of the orders so far.
  • Wed Oct 21st - I will be at the Barrie Running Room so, after the run, I will be prepared to hand out more to those who have yet to receive theirs.
NOTE: The individually marked bags also contain money from the price-break refund. It is because of this, AND due to the volume of orders placed, that I do not intend to leave orders at the Running Room. The wonderful RR staff already has a job ;-)

  • WEEK OF THE 26th (REVISED DATE) - Anyone who ordered shirt(s) is also welcome to stop by and pick up your order at the full/half Toronto Marathon runners' clinic wrap-up . This is being co-ordinated by Catherine Harding and is TBA at this time. Email for more details if you are not already on her extensive clinic mailing list.
Following this wave we'll see how many folks have yet to pick up